Experienced, Effective, Efficient

Las Vegas, NV - Hong Kong - Shenzhen, China

3E Promotions has been involved into varies business industries in the last three decades. Its experience and specific knowledge provides excellent business sense and superior execution skills, and keeps improving on our currently investing projects. We welcome any opportunity that can help each other on the success of the business investment in a global range.

Whether it is a start up business looking for advices, or an existing company that seeking solutions for better growing, 3E Promotions is here to provide consulting service that helping you discover the key points that you need to solve. Our professional knowledge and resources cover most of the business aspects to improve your business more efficient and competitive.   

EB-5 Services is a separate division of the company under the leadership of Mr. Seto, founder and CEO of the company.  Whether you are looking for an entry strategy for your project in China, assistance for setting up your business with an EB5 investment, or services to better market existing projects, we are confident to provide the professional services that you need for your success.