Experienced, Effective, Efficient

Las Vegas, NV - Hong Kong - Shenzhen, China

Xavier Seto, Founder and CEO

Mr. Seto has been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years in various industries.  He has have owned and invested in numerous businesses in different industries domestically and internationally, those business sections includes finance, hospitality, insurance, transportation, IT, international trading, lending, entertainment, retail, aviation, real estate, merchant processing, business consulting, and event organizing.  He had offices in both sides of the Pacific, US and China, in the past decades Mr. Seto has built solid business relationships with local governments and business communities in many industries. Because of his connections and expertise in China, he was invited by The State International Development Organizations, Inc. (SIDO), ( to arrange a business mission to China. SIDO is the only U.S. national organization focused exclusively on state international trade development.  It is a nonpartisan organization, affiliated with The Council of State Governments (CSG), and is comprised of international economic development practitioners and professionals from State and related organizations across the U.S.

Mr. Seto is also an expert of EB5 investment. Being involved in this industry since the 90s’, Mr. Seto has a thorough understanding about EB5 policies and regulations, is familiar with the industry professionals in both U.S. and Chinese markets, and has a strong business sense of valuating RC projects. Mr. Seto is involved in many EB5 projects from projects evaluation, Chinese Migrant Agency companies project promoting to Chinese markets, to setting up regional centers.

Mr. Seto was one of the founding members and a former Board of Director of Asian–American of Connecticut, a non–profit organization that represented interests of Asian–Americans in Connecticut.   Mr.Seto is currently licensed in mortgage, insurance, real estate, and property management, and once held numerous NASD/FINRA securities investment licenses from the 1980’s to 2000’s.

In his spare time, Mr.Seto is also the Chapter Director of a youth competitive basketball league, which includes 3rd grade to high–school divisions.  Additionally, he volunteers his time coaching three youth AAU basketball teams in different age groups, boys and girls, all year round.