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China is one of the most important markets when companies consider expanding businesses internationally. It is almost impossible for foreign companies to break into the Chinese market successfully with limited or no business experience there. Our expertise business knowledge helps you to achieve your business goal without a waste of time and money. Whether you are trying to enter a new market or to enhance your position in the existing one, our customized marketing strategies provide solutions to your problems.

Our Services

  • Market Opportunity Research
  • Marketing Entry Strategy
  • Business Mission Tours
  • Sales Representation
  • Business Office Set-up

A brand is more that just a logo, a name, or a slogan; it is what you deliver to your customer and the experience your customers have with your company, product, or service. 3E Promotions offers you professional support to help you spread your company’s name out loud. We define and position your company to clarify what you do, what you promise, and what characteristics you want convey to your clients. We develop the brand strategy to create influence of your company to the industry with comprehensive marketing tools, and analyzing customer acquisition to improve the strategy. Our marketing specialist will tailor the most effective plan and service for you so you make a difference and significant improvement to your business.    

To create a business “identity” requires strategically and continually applying the well-defined image across various channels of media to generate recognition to your target clients. It is an important part of the branding strategy for the company that gets the most positive response from the customer. Our Branding Identity services help you design your company logo according to your branding strategy, and create a visual components package that matches with your corporate’s style guidelines to ensure the company’s image’s cohesiveness and consistency. We leverage visual devices such as stationery, marketing collateral, signage, header, messaging, and others to comprehensively build up your brand.

Majority of the companies are generating businesses on their website. The more website traffic nowadays means more businesses. Social Media Marketing is the key component to gain website traffic or attention through social media sites. 3E Promotions centers the effort on creating attractive content and encouraging the audience to share it with their own networks for your company in different countries as you need. Our professional team consistently updates your social media tools with updated company news, current hot topics, and customer responses to increase the exposure by delivering positive messages for your company.

3E Promotions provides multiple online solutions to serve the best for its clients, including our website building, SEO/SEM, social media marketing, newsletter campaigns and more. Our website provides the most comprehensive information among the all, such as events, conferences, news, and our services. Our social media mainly focuses on the most trending platforms in both China and the States. Newsletters bring you the latest news along with a variety designs.

Good communication makes people listen. Great communication changes perspectives. We do the latter. We are committed to building dialogues and mutual understanding between our clients and the public.

We analyze our client’s market and competitive landscape, and identify the comparative strengths and weaknesses to determine the positioning approach that’s right for our clients. Next we ensure the messaging is closely aligned with the established positioning and branding strategy. 3E Promotions creates messaging that clearly communicates our client’s value proposition to the needs of the targeted audience.

A well presented website is the key interface between your company and clients. Having a website that exactly delivers what you expect clients to receive is critical. 3E Promotions provides professional website building and design services based on your company’s position strategy and expectation. We interpret your thoughts to put on the elements of your website, and improve them with our professional knowledge and experience from the internet. Our expertise translating team can also convert your website into Chinese with native dialogues and expressions to attract Chinese language readers. Whether it is a customized website or a default one, our team provides you the most solid experience.

Language barrier sometimes can ruin a great potential business that cares about the growth of the company. We offer professional language services to help you eliminate the obstacles on your way to success.    

Our services include but are not limited to:    

  • Document translating
  • Website translating
  • Conference interpreting
  • Phone interpreting
  • Convention interpreting
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Localization