Experienced, Effective, Efficient

Las Vegas, NV - Hong Kong - Shenzhen, China

Who We Are

3E Promotions, LLC (“3E”) is a Las Vegas, Nevada company with offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.  3E specializes in helping companies to achieve their business goals through 3E’s expertise and resources.  We work closely with our clients to understand and clear their needs and targets, compile effective strategies to help enhance their business domestically and internationally, especially in between Asia Pacific and US region.  Our business scope includes export/import, EB-5 investment, business consulting and investment, organizing meetings and events, and business promotions in both sides of the Pacific.

What We Do

We offer our clients the advantages different from other companies:

  • Our company has a diversified business background in both China and U.S., and we understand the market’s differences from the professional business point of view as a foreign company when doing business in China. With the knowledge of mastering the differences and strategies of doing business in China, we can effectively develop a specific promoting plan or business solution recommendation for our clients.
  • Our team members come from different regions of China, which covers Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Guangdong Province, Hunan Province, Yunnan Province, Fujian Province, Henan Province, Shandong Province, Liaoning Province, and Sichuan Province. With such a wide coverage of regions and backgrounds, we are able to provide local network connections and local market trends to support our client’s business such as the benefits of localization and recognition.
  • We have multiple channels with integrating resources to comprehensively promote our client’s businesses. From strategic marketing, event promoting, social media marketing, cooperation promoting gift producing, and more, to present the result that exceeds your expectations.